Welcome Rev. Mark Dorr
November 14, 2019
February 9, 2021


Making the bed! It’s often the last thing that you feel like doing, but it is the first accomplishment of the day. The same can be said for prayer. If you pray WHILE you’re making your bed, then you have accomplished two things! It’s a great way to start your day!

When you are tired, you can fall back to the letters to Titus about appointing those who will be responsible to the word of God. The Scripture says “So that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.”

God has given us the responsibility of the word of Jesus. Even by attending worship this morning, we are devoting our works to HIM. In Christ, we see that the truth has stood the test of time. He is forever the point of reference, the standard of all ages. According to the Baptist History Book, struggles and separations which include the tireless work to find the truth in faith, all came back to following the word of God.

The Bible says, “HEAVEN AND EARTH SHALL PASS AWAY, BUT HIS TRUTH ABIDETH STILL.”(Mark13:31) Every word he uttered, in every parable, was an intellectual teaching. You cannot argue with Jesus Christ.

In Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People, one of the chapters is “You Can’t Win An Argument.” He says “You can’t win an argument. You can’t because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it. Why? Well, suppose you triumph over the other man and shoot his argument full of holes and prove that he is non compos mentis. Then what? You will feel fine. But what about him? You have made him feel inferior. You have hurt his pride. He will resent your triumph.” “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” We can’t argue with Jesus, as he IS  the word of God. 

You can only accept or reject Jesus. There are only two paths. You can talk to people and show them faith but you can’t solely convince them to be a believer. They have to open their hearts and minds to God. They have to do this, what the scripture asks: devote themselves to doing what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.

It is finding this truth that sets a person free. Pontius Pilate was the Roman governor who looked into the eyes of Jesus and asked, “What is truth?” Pilate was talking to the Truth. He was talking to God in the flesh, the One through whom the worlds were created. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free,” Jesus had proclaimed. But the truth was not setting Pilate free that day because he didn’t honestly want to know it.

Do you really want to know the Truth? Jesus said to all who are searching, “Seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” (Matthew 7:7) If you knock on the door looking for truth and Jesus opens it, what will you do? Will you go to him or will you turn and walk away? If you walk away, where will you go? Jesus is your only hope to find the truth that you need to live your life.