July 22, 2020
August 25, 2020

SCRIPTURE: Luke 7:36-48

Simon the Pharisee, a religious leader, has invited Jesus to dine in his home. Suddenly, an uninvited, unnamed woman who is described simply as a “sinner in the city” appears. Without speaking, she weeps, wets Jesus’ feet with her tears, wipes them with her hair, kisses them, and anoints them with perfumed oil (verse 38). She came into the house to show her appreciation. She believed in HIM!

Let us truly realize the help God has given us through his son…and that he forgives us of our sins...and also knows and counts the faithful who are witnesses for the right reasons!

A woman with a soiled reputation–omitting her name is, in my opinion, a gracious act, purposely done. Maybe it could mean that she could be any one of us!

At first look, it would seem that there are two people equally zealous to see Jesus, Simon the Pharisee and the sinful woman. Simon could easily converse with Jesus in the comfort of his home, around a meal. That would be easy! For the woman, getting close to Jesus was no easy matter! It reminds us that our faith is not easy and should not be a convenience. It should not be something we lean on only when it is convenient.

She got to dinner early in anticipation. 10 minutes early is late! Her sinful life, known to all who lived in her town, made it difficult for her, a woman, to seek out Jesus, a man. If she owned a home, she could not invite Jesus there, for this would be inappropriate at that time. Reports of Jesus’ ministry and teaching had somehow reached this woman, and she was most eager to see the Savior. HOW EAGER ARE WE? When she learned that Jesus was to have dinner at the house of Simon, the woman knew it was her opportunity to see Jesus. The woman no doubt waited near the door for Jesus to arrive. She probably expected that Jesus feet would have been washed by one of Simon’s servants. After his feet were washed, the woman would likely have planned to anoint his feet with the perfume that she had brought. Imagine the look on her face when she realized that Jesus’ feet were not going to be washed!

This woman’s worship of Jesus was at a great cost to her. It cost her the expensive vial of perfume, the humility to kiss, wash, and dry the dirty feet of the Lord Jesus. But there was a higher price than this paid by the woman. In my, opinion, the greatest price that she paid was facing the scorn and rejection of the self-righteous Pharisees and other dinner guests at that meals. Jesus did not give her a “dirty look”, but it is inconceivable to think that all of the others did not!

How often have we walked into a situation or a room and you just feel uncomfortable! Out of place. With your faith in God and his Son, you should not have that feeling. Never again let anyone make you feel unworthy! Why? Because in the eyes of Jesus, if we truly believe we are always worthy of his adoration.

Their scorn was a high price to pay, but to the woman, it was worth it!

To move a few verses on (verse 50), Jesus recognizes her faith and says “your faith has saved thee.” She never spoke a word. She believed in Jesus with all of her heart.

The question for us has to be, do we love Jesus with all out heart? This morning is an example of why we should never give up on Jesus, because no matter who we were or are, he always allows us in.