August 26, 2021
August 29, 2021

SCRIPTURE: Acts 17:1-18

One would have expected the Jews to become immediate followers of Jesus. There were many convincing points that would draw them to Jesus. Jesus was a Jew. He spoke highly of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He spent much of his time in temples and synagogues. He taught important lessons about Almighty God who the Jews revered! Jesus taught about truth and the calming of the storm of life.

One of my favorite Bible passages is found in Matthew 8:23-27 where Jesus calms the storm at sea. The disciples followed Jesus into a boat and went out into the sea. A great storm arose and the disciples feared for their lives. Jesus calmed the sea and taught the disciples a lesson in having faith. This story is so simple that we often miss some of the key points. If you are struggling and fearful about what life holds for you, you can learn a lesson from this story.
1. The Disciples Followed Jesus -When Jesus got into the boat, the disciples followed him. We should do the same thing every day. Following Jesus faithfully will not only help you to stop worrying but it will also get you to heaven!
2. Even Followers of Jesus Have Problems-Just because we are followers of Jesus,  like the disciples, that doesn’t mean that we won’t have storms in our lives. Following Jesus will give you peace in the midst of those storms. We need to trust Jesus to show us the way.
3. Learn to Look Back-After Jesus calmed the storm, “the men marveled” Matthew 8:27. Looking back at the many times that Jesus has helped you will increase your faith and help you deal with problems in the future. We need to be grateful for all that our Lord has done for us.

Just as he did 2,000 years ago, Jesus can calm the storms in your life and help you to experience peace. We need to learn from the disciples’ experience at sea and learn to trust Jesus. We need to believe in Him before it is too late. When responding to the Gospel in our own lives, it’s important to remember the lessons that Jesus has taught us and use them every day.

Everyone is different. Some people who are “good prospects” turn out to be indifferent to the word of God. Some people who appear to be “poor prospects” become great followers of Jesus. We must not overlook the most important fact in our scripture. Even in the most difficult times, even when physical harm was threatened, “some of them believed”.

Acts 17:4 Some of the Jews were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas, as did a large number of God fearing Greeks and quite a few prominent women.” Jesus overcame the rejection of the world so that some, including us, might be saved!